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A Note from the Coordinator...

Art has value in its own right.

Research shows that art can also serve as a mechanism to:

  • reduce anxiety,

  • promote well-being,

  • enhance social-emotional intellgicence

all the while fostering academic skills such as

  • visual mapping,

  • expressive language,

  • sequencing,

  • problem-solving and more!


This workshop taps into what is at the heart of Irish culture; the arts. Irish culture has influenced the world over through visual arts, dance, music, literature, and more! In this workshop, we will play off of this cultural SUPER POWER in order to

discover and develop talents, promote self-expression, bolstering and weaving in literacy skills using methods that have been proven to particularly help struggling  readers and writers. 


Activities and projects are especially targeted for dyslexic learners, but can benefit many learners in fact. As we know from neuroscience, structured literacy--systematic and phonetically-based reading methods, combined with multi-sensory learning, maximises learning outcomes for all types of learners. This programme is about using the arts to bolster literacy skills and learn actively; discovering, strengthening and celebrating the unique super powers of the students we serve!

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