Flourish Educational International is a dedicated to empowering and teaching youth, parents, and other educators. Small and personalized, we offer online and in-person seasonal workshops, consulting and tutoring. We hope to resume in-person projects in various parts of the US, the UK and Ireland, where workshops and trainings have previously been conducted. Our workshops combine creativity with academic and excutive skills. 

Who we are

As a group--our main educators, guest educators, and advisory committee--come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We are classroom teachers, artists, business experts, (plus an author, editor, lawyer, scientist) and parent volunteers. We all have other work, yet make time for workshops and related projects, because we are truly passionate about education. The success of our educational programs stems from methods used, but also the joy that our group brings to our team.


Mission Statement

Flourish Education International promotes the Growth Mindset, helping all young learners celebrate the uniqueness of their learning profiles, overcome identified learning challenges, and maximize strengths through personalized workshops, tutoring, and outreach.



We offer highly personalized programs and employ best practices in education using methods that draw upon the work of Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler on the Growth Mindset, David Eagleman on Brain Plasticity, Angela Duckworth on Grit and Resilience, Brené Brown on Vulnerability and Courage, and Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity. Additionally, language and literacy classes are grounded in methods that reflect the science of reading, using sound-based speech to print reading programs like PhonoGraphix (P-G) and Orton-Gillingham (O-G) that have been proven to help dyslexic and non-dyslexic learners alike. 

Flourish Education International  programs blend neuroscience with creativity skills, through which self-expression and problem-solving skills are promoted. We tailor lessons to not only meet our students’ academic and social-emotional needs; we inspire and empower them to be life-long learners, employing metacognitive skills, and embracing challenge with a Growth Mindset. 

Dyslexia Empowerment Workshop (DEW)

This initially came about as an in-person summer program in Ireland. It has since evolved into international online workshops. Dyslexia Empowerment Workshop is dedicated to re-thinking and re-framing dyslexia using the science of reading, art, creativity, and multi-sensory learning. Our workshops are designed for dyslexic/struggling readers using the P-G, O-G sound-based, structured literacy methods. We do more than bolster reading and writing skills for students with dyslexia; we empower our pupils with strategies, metacognitive skills and confidence. See our Facebook page dedicated to this specific workshop and associated work.

Mathematics Empowerment Workshop (MEW)

We are currently developing workshops and tutoring classes dedicated to teaching and reinforcing mathematical concepts using multi-sensory methods. Stay tuned for a multi-sensory workshop about mathematics and art for youth during the 2021-2022 school year.


Art and creativity are infused in classes as a mechanism for learning. We believe in our students' creativity, which both fuels and inspires our classes. Creativity is at the heart of our projects, and it is no surprise that we have amazingly creative guests join our sessions to teach, learn, and share with us.