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     BJ McElderry


Barbara "BJ" McElderry, is a gradute of Maryland Institute College of Art and Wesleyan University. She holds degrees in Fine Arts; Drawing and Painting, Education, and Art History. A teacher for over 40 years, she has taught all ages, focusing much of her career teaching adolescents at the high school level. At the Garrison Forest School, she developed many interdisciplinary art programs, including the Asian Studies program. BJ recently helped illustrate a book and founded the Adventures in Chinese Summer Program. She is a member of the Confucious Institute through University of Maryland College Park and has served on several boards at art colleges and universities. Over her long career, BJ has particpated in teaching and painting sabbaticals that have taken her to France, Italy, Ireland, England, Germany, Egypt, Paraguay, Argentina, China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Mother to two grown children, Kevin and Kate, BJ is an active grandmother, community member, and artist. She volunteers at her grandchildren's schools doing interdisciplinary programs like "Crazy 8's" (mathematics and art) and joins Flourish as a guest teacher for workshops.