Christine Hyde


Christine Hyde, M.ED., is a reading specialist, currently teaching at the Rockboro Primary School. A master teacher, she specializes in the topics of English, literacy, dyslexia, and mathematics. Christine studied at Boston College, University of Denver and University Cork College, where she received a masters degree in education. Christine is known for her multi-sensory instruction and holistic approach to teaching. Considering the whole child; the social-emotional wellbeing, physical health, as well as intellectual potential, is at the heart of Christine's teaching practice. She infuses topics of leadership, resilience, and mindset work into her curriculum. Christine currently devotes much time learning and teaching about the virtues of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and healthy eating. An experienced instructor, she has worked with a variety of ages--from young to older students in reading and mathematics. Based in Cork, Christine enjoys connecting and collaborating with other educators and dyslexia advocates in Ireland and the United States. An accomplished, equestrian and runner, Christine competes competitively. In her free time, Christine enjoys these activities and having fun with her family.