Dance & Movement

Dance, dyslexia and ADHD go together well. 


Dance and movement help foster focus, self-discipline, emotional regulation, timing, teamwork, physical coordination and creative expression.

The benefits of exercise are many and  its cognitive benefits have been well researched.
Cardiovascular movement improves cognition!
 "Cardiovascular exercise increases long and short-term memory, enlarges the hippocampus as we age, increases neurogenesis throughout adulthood and reduces stress." -Dr. John Gabrieli

Humans are designed to move!  Yet life for children and adults has never been more sedentary. Children need opportunities to get out of their seats and move, discovering, respecting and celebrating how their powerful bodies work, while enhancing coordination, concentration and brain power! Just as several of my dyslexic/ ADHD students report, my mind also feels "charged" and "primed" after dance. 

Pivots, kicks, leaps, jumps, spins... my  students and I have great fun working on building strength and agility as we dance together!


 It is a joyful experience, working with students and colleagues  who often have little to no dance and stage experience. Some have told me they never knew they could express themselves so readily through dance!