David Donohue

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David Donohue, a master story teller, is the author of three children's books including, the best-seller, Walter Speazlebud. Before segueing into a career of music, film-making and writing, he completed a four-year degree in graphic design and communications from the Waterford School of Art. David has made award-winning documentary films, and three critically acclaimed albums as a songwriter. His work has been featured on BBC and RTÉ. David developed and facilitated the Young Critics Project with Carlow Arts Festival and Kilkenny Arts Week and recently held the David Donohue Book Club—an online summer book club for youth. As a visiting artist, author and speaker, David delivers inspirational talks to children and educators about the power of encouragement, creativity, and noitanigami (that's imagination spelled backwards). David's workshops educate and also entertain with his rich sense of humor and special talent for backwards spelling. Participants are afforded opportunities to become writers and artists themselves, reflecting upon their unique learning profiles as they write, discuss, and create. Besides a life in the arts, David is a script writer, film collaborator, journalist, horse-racing enthusiast, and an oyster farmer. He enjoys wild food foraging and painting in the Burren, Ireland.