What is GRATITUDE?  Our pre-teen-teens explored this idea, creating Gratitude Projects with sculptures and written reflections.


Gratitude is one way of saying what you are thankful for. Art brings a smile to my face and brings me joy. That's a way of showing gratiude; that we express the things we care about.

I made a sculpture that took the form of a tree. It is a way of showing what I am thankful for.  Each branch or twig represents something I am thankful for; family, food, and education. 


My bird sculpture represents my gratitude for nature; the animals, the air, the mountains, the lake, the sea. I appreciate it all and am grateful for the memories my family and I create together in wild, natural places.

Screenshot (299).png

Taking the time to think about gratitude, makes you realize all you HAVE in your life. I created these minitiature sculptures out of clay to represent my gratitude for my family, for our health and also for doctors--especially those who have worked so hard around the world to find a vaccine for the Corona virus.  


Gratitude is a form of thankfulness. Some consider it a practice--like mindfulness. If we take time to stop and think about all we have to be grateful for each day, we keep focus on the positive in our lives instead of the negative.

This sculpure represents the gratitude I feel for my friend. I value her friendship and the memories we have made since we were very little. She and her family have been an important part of my young life.


My friend  is so fun that she makes my heart feel like it has wings. Sadly, she is moving far away--so the feathers here also represent her leaving. At the same time, we will keep in touch, which is why I created a bridge with wire--she and her family will always stay connected no matter the distance.

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