Active Learning   

Active learning ignites learning! Rather than simply listening or watching, our students create and make things to process and comprehend new information. This makes learning active, fun, and process-oriented--an important part of the Growth Mindset.

Active, multi-sensory learning promotes strong synaptic connections. Using manipulatives, art supplies, and other materials, children of varying ages, create projects in order to build, bolster, and reinforce skills. Be it segmenting or blending sounds in reading or modeling abstract ideas about newly learned concepts, our classes employ evidence-based methodologies with hands-on, multi-sensory learning, creativity, and meaningful projects. 

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Yoga and movement-based techniques help students address balance, posture, and coordination skills; synchronizing

the body for better comprehension, focus, organization, communication, physical and emotional health. In-person workshops integrate yoga and mindfulness. Online workshops provide mindful moments with active projects that tap into our different learning modalities.We are born to move and create. We learn by doing!