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Kate McElderry is proud to have some of her lesson ideas published in this book!

Empower Students with Dyslexia & Other Cognitive Learning Differences!

Mission Dyslexia; Find Your Superpower and Be Your Brilliant Self by Julie McNeill, Rossie Stone, and Paul McNeill is a great resource that promotes metacogitive skills and the Growth Mindset. Interactive in nature, it is creative fun and confidence-building.




Mission Dyslexia: Find Your Superpower and Be Your Brilliant Self: McNeill, Julie, Mcneill, Paul, Stone, Rossie, Stone, Rossie: 9781787752962: Books

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R.E.S.C.U.E  is a study and program designed to prevent reading slide from the Covid-19 pandemic in young learners. Researchers from University of Connecticut, Yale University, and Haskins Literacy Hub seek: 

Mentoring Program for students with LDs (US based) 

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Screening Program: Dyslexia

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APPRISE is a gamefied app that screens for dyslexia.

Brain Lens

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