The Genius Hour Project

  • Based on Google's model of self-guided learning and inquiry

  • Pursuing a passion

  • Fluidity between disciplines

Students can develop their passions and create projects that allow them to explore the many angles of an interest. The Genius Hour Project was implemented by my colleague at The Odyssey School. He oversees students and staff (like myself) to collaborate and make an interest come to fruition through:

  • research

  • mentoring

  • experimentation &

  • hard work

I am working closely with this student here, who is interested in fashion and costume design. She has researched and written about many aspects on the subject. She has also helped in fabricating costumes for a school dance performance. This student is learning--pursing an interest--while also helping contribute significantly to the behind-the-scenes process of performance.

These students have created



"using potent words, symbols and treats captured inside, " says 8th grader, Rafa. Along with his language partner, the two made word confetti from words they deemed "powerful" with "punch." Words

came The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak and were also gleaned from inspirational leaders such as Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King.


Vocabulary development is an important component of my language class.  Word morphology and meaning are studied in depth and careful word choice in both writing and conversations is encouraged.  My students know that a developing vocabulary is not about being "fancy," but in contrast, effective. "High-protein words," as I call them, are one way to achieve this!