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Environmental Activism

"Green Ideas" Website Project...


in the works!

My student Noah, was disappointed at how disconnected his peers seemed to be about lunch waste. As a teacher who has  lunch duty, I shared his dismay. After a few  conversations and watching video clips from an inspiring environmental activist, Rob Greenfield, we decided to turn the  negative situation  into a positive, possibly impacting the school community along the way.


Noah decided to create video clips of environmentally conscious practices his family does at home. He suggested I do the same, since as he insightfully pointed out, "consciousness needs to be a mindset at home and school."  Noah is an incredible kid! He  did a lot of research and together, we created a website and blog. The goal was to  disseminate information and raise awareness to the entire school community, also inviting their participation.

Kids have been curious about why Noah and I  analyze the lunch garbage each day. They started wanting to post on the blog as Noah does and they still are. Blog posts are about, things we do that are "green," and "eco-FYIs" we have learned about.

This one dyslexic kid, who was grades behind in reading and writing, who once hated school, has become an incredible success story. Not only is he gaining practice and major headway in language skills, he has the respect of the entire school. He is making a difference! Noah reminds me day in and out, that with the right space and care, all types of learners  are  ABLE... I am enormously proud of Noah and other participating students!


Several of my language students were concerned about the amount of disposable waste produced at lunch. During my class, they researched the benefits of using biodegradable cellulose disposable products. They wrote letters to the board of the school and administration and were responsible for the school switching to all biodegradable disposable products when special events are held. To reduce lunch waste, these same students were able to encourage other students to join them in an "greening effort" to bring in more re-usable containers, cloth napkins and "real" cutlery.