Kate was a fantastic help to Conall. Her virtual tutoring sessions gave us a starting point to begin our son's dyslexic learning journey. We were new to the world of dyslexia as Conall was diagnosed just before he started in 5th class. Kate made tutoring sessions interactive; teaching strategies and explaining how to approach words which kids with dyslexia find confusing.  Despite distance and time zone, Kate was always a fantastic tutor. She was a support system for me and enthusiastic motivator for

Conall.   -Aoife Reilly, Dublin, Ireland


I heard about Kate and within two years of consistent one-on-one tutoring, something really amazing happened. My son---a demoralized non-reader--became a reader. His phonological awareness not only improved, but soared with methods that matched his learning style. As a result, my son really learned to decode and read fluently. He caught up two grades levels during this time in fact. Writing and spelling are still hurdles to work through, but my son will get there and best of all he knows he will get there.  -Nina


Working alongside Katrin McElderry at The Odyssey School is a treat. She is knowledgeable in so many areas of study. She is fully committed to the students she teaches. When reading novels with her older students, she works to get them thinking deeper, looking at the text in new and varied ways. Writing is an important component to our school and Kate works to develop all levels of writing. Her positive energy and commitment to teaching--from students to staff-are contagious both to me and to her students!  -Elizabeth Cannon  M.S,CCC-SLP, Language Arts Teacher/Tutor, The Odyssey School

I have had the pleasure of working with Kate for several years now and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and dedication to her students. She truly strives to provide meaningful connections to the curriculum at every possible juncture. -Katie Linley Clark, Language Teacher, The Odyssey School


Dear Ms. McElderry,

Thanks for a great year. I learned a lot and know that my reading and writing have both improved so much from your guidance. I will never forget you.  -Jack



Kate is a true collaborator, a team player and educator who seeks and celebrates creative education in and out of the classroom. She is truly special. -Sally Davis, educator/ artist, San Francisco, CA